No matter what recruiting challenge
you’re facing, be sure – we’ve been there.

Dozens of tools used at a time
Unclear results
Wasted recruitment budget
Low performers in the team

We faced it all...

MakeDeal helped us to stop:

Squeezing budget guessing what other tool could help us hire faster and find better candidates. MakeDeal is our one stop.

Wasting time for tough tasks that could be optimized: messaging, reporting, interview scheduling, CVs screening.

Inefficient onboarding. With all-in-all tool MakeDeal, we onboard 20% faster.

Poor performance. Our Leaderboard clearly highlights top performers and those who need extra motivation.

Our mission is to help you focus on business growth while we take care of all your recruitment needs.
Keep the recruitment hustle under control and trust MakeDeal as your business co-pilot.

We call ourselves offermakers.
Meet our team in person!

Oleg PanchenkoCEO
Yuliia SamarinaRecruitment Team Lead
Alieks LapanProject Manager
Yana SkrypnykIT Recruiter

We’ve made a choice to opt for MakeDeal and got fascinating hiring results. But what about you? Are you ready to be an offermaker and transform your recruitment experience?

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